Steven Seagal Lawman

2009 • Crime, Documentary, Reality
It turns out Steven Seagal doesn't come to the rescue in just his movies. He's a real-life deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana, a position he's held for close to two decades. This series chronicles the action star's life in law enforcement, allowing viewers to ride along as he and his handpicked team of deputies respond to crimes in progress. Off duty, the martial artist -- he's a 7th-degree black belt in aikido -- is shown pursuing his other interests, including philanthropic efforts and performing musically. More Info
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Growing Up Gotti

2004 • Reality
Novelist Victoria Gotti raises three teen-age sons. More Info
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Ozzy and Jack's World Detour

2016 • Reality, Travel
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was one of the pioneers of the celebrity reality show genre when he and his family members were the subjects of a popular series that showcased their home lives. In his return to the genre, Ozzy and son Jack head out on the road for a father-son journey that has been years in the making for the self-proclaimed history nerds. This isn't like the road trips Ozzy took when he was touring with roadies and tour buses. Instead, it's just him and Jack visiting iconic and historically significant locations and landmarks that are on the duo's bucket list. The Osbournes' destinations range from typical tourist traps like Mount Rushmore and the Alamo to niche attractions such as a tank collector's private museum of working war machines. More Info
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American Justice

1992 • Crime, Documentary, Law
A look at groundbreaking criminal cases, presenting viewers with an inside look at the case through the eyes of those directly involved, ranging from law enforcement officers to the victims. More Info
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True Tori

2014 • Reality
Since getting married in 2006, actors Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have starred in a number of reality series showcasing their lives as a happily married couple. "True Tori" features the Hollywood couple during a more tumultuous time in their relationship. It follows Tori and Dean during a time of very public marital troubles in the months following media reports of infidelity by Dean, which he admits to during a therapy session seen on the show. In a rarity for a reality show, the episodes air just weeks after they are filmed to give viewers a near-real-time look at the couple as they try to keep their marriage from ending. More Info
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Flipping Boston

2012 • Home improvement, House/garden, Reality
Flipping houses was all the rage until, well, the housing market flipped upside down. For real estate partners Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour, however, they believe there's still money to be made with "flips" -- buying, renovating and quickly reselling properties -- despite the housing bubble bursting in 2007. In the past, flippers could take their time with their projects; now, working fast is the key, and Souhleris and Seymour race to renovate properties in and around Boston before housing prices decline even further. More Info
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Flip This House

2005 • Home improvement, Reality
Tensions often run high as real-estate investors in New Haven, Conn., San Antonio, Los Angeles and Atlanta buy homes, renovate them in record time and then try to sell them for a profit. More Info
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Sell This House!

2003 • Home improvement, House/garden, How-to, Reality
Host Tanya Memme and designer Roger Hazard travel the country helping homeowners reinvent homes that have been on the market too long. After a hidden camera walk-through with prospective buyers sharing their likes and dislikes, Hazard transforms the home and stages it for another open house. The prospective buyers are brought back to have another look and perhaps make offers on the property. More Info
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